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What is waiting to be unlocked in your life?

For me, it was art and authenticity.

Before I dive in, let me introduce myself...

My name is Sophia Foutres.

I'm a hospice chaplain, pastor, part of the LGBTQIA+ community and an artist.

I believe that sharing our stories heals us, and art unlocks us.

In 2021 creativity was my word for the year.

And after a paint date night, I heard these words, “Paint rainbows, share your story and raise awareness for suicide prevention” and that’s how Unlocked Art was born. 

This past year and a half art has become more than I ever could have imagined.

It has brought me to life and unearthed creativity which has become deeply healing and restorative.

There’s something about unlocking and letting our true selves out that is terrifying and beautiful…

You never know what’s inside or what will come out, but I’m pretty sure it will be worth it. 

For me, it was art and authenticity. 

What is waiting to be unlocked in your life? 

I hope with each story and piece of art you feel the rumbles of your own unlocking and become more and more aware of how deeply loved you are, yes, all of you. 

Sending you love and look forward to connecting with you soon!


My Art Is Inspired By Your Stories...

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